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Luke Brooks is committed to doing what is best for Davis County. Unlike career politicians, he does not intend to continue to seek higher office but instead will put his all into the role of county commissioner. With a

limited government approach, he has a vision of collaborating with residents and city leaders alike on the critical issues below.


Davis County is known as one of the most desirable counties in Utah, with its well-kept communities, excellent schools, and responsible citizens. This popularity has an economic plus-side, bringing an influx of spending, jobs, and a community feel for families and the like to gather in our county. This growth can also have its challenges, such as increased traffic and excessive demands on water, sewer, and power, but the challenges can be met and their effects minimized through responsible planning and forethought. As it continues to grow, Davis County needs a leader who will prioritize having a plan to prepare for and meet the future needs of its residents. 


Davis County's growth is inevitable and requires community input, careful planning, and most of all, a vision of the future. With careful planning and vision, the transition can be made in harmony. Designated spaces for community centers, commercial opportunities, parks, and green spaces can be integrated with tree-lined residential neighborhoods. Roads can be carefully planned to minimize noise and congestion, and utilities can be expanded and upgraded to meet demand and efficiency. 


Well thought out and efficient transportation is key to a thriving community. The ability to anticipate and address transportation issues is critical to the future growth and success of our county. Brooks believes that opportunities for roadway improvement and mass transit upgrades should be sought out and explored. He plans to work with the Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC), Utah Transit Authority (UTA), and the National Association of Regional Councils (NARC) to address the transportation needs of Davis County.


Luke Brooks will capitalize on the current and future growth in Davis County by working directly with the county communities in developing a master plan for our future that will improve economic opportunity and infrastructure.


Brooks is a strong supporter of law enforcement. As a retired marine, he uniquely understands the support that law enforcement needs from the community and its leaders. He prioritizes public safety and will continue to back local law enforcement in their efforts to retain the peace and safety that our county has enjoyed. 


He plans to work alongside local first responders to combat crime, addiction, and mental health. Davis County deserves the best programs to help their loved ones; Brooks will be a commissioner who will work with local legislators to advocate for the advancement of these issues.


Improving the safety of our communities includes updating emergency preparedness procedures. Potential disasters are unexpected and can be devastating. It is imperative to have a plan in place for earthquakes, wildfires, flooding, wind, and extreme winter weather. Brooks will head communication campaigns to ensure that residents are registered for alert systems that will inform them of disasters and allow instant communication from law enforcement in critical incidents. He is committed to the consistent updating and improvement of all county emergency preparedness plans. 


As commissioner, Brooks will have a heavy hand overseeing the county budget. He is committed to transparency at all levels. Transparency includes making all county audits available online, which has previously been neglected. He will also prioritize the release of information and communications through implementing a Davis County Facebook Page and allow for more interaction between the county and its residents.


There is never a reason for having meetings behind closed doors or to be secretive in county work. Brooks pledges complete transparency and will not tolerate any unethical dealings if elected as Davis County Commissioner.

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