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Luke comes from a proud military family, a family of service. 


Being part of a military family, he moved around a lot. He and his family finally settled in Jacksonville, Florida, where his mother retired from the Navy’s medical field as a Lieutenant Commander. He and his siblings spent most of their youth growing up there. 


In a desire to serve his nation during a war, He decided to join the United States Marine Corps shortly after high school. 



He would then serve in three combat deployments in his early years of service.


  • First in Iraq in 2006, his unit provided security to Haditha Dam, a hydroelectric power plant on the Euphrates River. Then patrolled the Euphrates River in gunboats from the heavy fighting in the city of Ramadi to the Syrian border. During this first deployment, his wife gave birth to their first child. He heard about the delivery two days after his son was born because he could only use the satellite phone once a week for 15 min. Despite the bad cell service, it was an incredible moment in his life. 


  • His second deployment took him back to Iraq in 2008. During this time, he served as an Assistant Section Leader for a Quick Reaction Security team. They would provide an immediate Security response for troops in Ramadi's City and security for the city itself. 


  • His last deployment was a volunteered deployment to Afghanistan in 2009. His unit was assigned to intelligence gathering on the city of Marjah, intelligence that they would later use in the eventual battle of Marjah. They routed security for the area of operations that we operated in. Shortly after, he returned home to his wife and was blessed with their second son. 


In 2010 he was assigned to be an instructor at his job fields schoolhouse in California. Once there, it wasn’t long before he was assigned to the Junior Officer Training Team, teaching leaders how to lead.  


After a few years as an officer instructor, he got assigned to Marine Corps Recruiting Duty in the City of Detroit, MI, where he worked with inner-city schools on the East side of Detroit for almost a year. He helped young men and women find their passions for their community and country. He also worked with the Detroit Police Department, speaking to troubled youths. On top of his duties as a recruiter, he would spend hundreds of hours volunteering to work with young adults in Southeastern MI. 


After a successful tour on recruiting duty, he decided to separate from the Marine Corps after a little more than 12 years of service in 2016. He and his family chose to stay in the Detroit area. 


He started work with a local security firm called City Shield Security. He was noticed early on as a potential asset to the firm and was given the opportunity to join the operation and management team. He was able to learn and contribute a lot to the firm. Adding new clients and overseeing operations of hundreds of employees at any given time, he was made the full-time Operations Manager. 


He felt something was missing in this endeavor, a sense of service


He resigned from his Operations Manager position sought and acquired a job working as a contractor for the US State Department at the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. In this role, he provided high-level diplomatic security to the Department of State in servicing their mission in Iraq and the middle east at large. 

Because of this work, he has also regained his DOD security clearance

In late 2019 he and his spouse decided to separate. He then moved his two children to Davis County, specifically the City of Bountiful where his kids stay for the school year. 


He had accepted a position at Hill Air Force Base and worked in the Advanced Programs Office for the F-35A 388th/419th Fighter Wing. However, in his role with the Fighter Wing, they would ask him to deploy again. 


As a single parent, his first responsibility is to his children, so he resigned from this position.


Loving the area and wanting to make it home, he accepted a position with Northrop Grumman and presently works as the Facility Security Officer (FSO) over their Mission Systems Manufacturing site in Salt Lake City. 

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